Antonio López, apuntes del natural

Nicolás Muñoz. 2018 – Spain.

62 minutes. Spanish.


The documentary shows the work process of Antonio López as a painter, as a sculptor and as a teacher. The artist has become the most important Spanish realist painter today. He is currently working on paintings about the cities of Bilbao, Madrid and Seville. Some of his works already belong to the history of painting and are valued in millions of euros. However, the painter is characterized by being very humble, an attitude that surprises many people.

Co-produced by RTVE and CMM Castilla la Mancha, the documentary shows the details of the two exhibitions that the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid has dedicated to him and attends the day-to-day workshop that he gives every year in Albacete to young painters. “Antonio exudes closeness and naturalness, and there is nothing artificial about that attitude. That’s how he is, as this documentary reflects,” says Nicolás Muñoz.