2017 – GERMANY

Spanish Premiere. Sunday 2 December. 5:30pm.


TITLE: David Hockney – Time Regained
DIRECTED BY: Michael Trabitzsch

RUN TIME: 52 min

Pop Art and 20th century realism merge in the work of David Hockney to create the vibrant imaginary of the most famous living British artist and one of the most important in history. On the occasion of its 80th anniversary in 2017, the Tate Modern and the Centre Pompidou jointly presented a major exhibition dedicated to his work. “I paint the world, I paint myself,” says Hockney. From the beginning, the artist has been involved in a continuous dialogue with his time, using all the artistic formats and supports at his disposal: painting, drawing, installation, scenography, photography, collage, mobile phone…

Michael Trabitzsch is a German author, director and producer. He set up PROUNEN FILM in 2002 for documentary programs and the web content agency prounenweb in 2016. He’s also responsible for some documentaries such as Charlotte Rampling – The Look, The History of Death, Max Beckmann – Departure and The City of Tomorrow among many others.