2018 – USA

Premiere in Barcelona. Saturday 1 December. 9:30pm.


TITLE: Kusama – Infinity
DIRECTED BY: Heather Lenz

RUN TIME: 80 min

Kusama – Infinity exceptionally narrates the life and work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the most sought-after living artist and one of the world’s most acclaimed and famous, a woman who, thanks to her strong and determined character, managed to free herself from the rigid society in which she grew up, overcoming sexism, racism and mental illness to bring her incomparable and wonderful artistic vision to the world stage. At 88, Kusama lives in a psychiatric hospital and continues to create art in his studio.

Writer, director and producer Heather Lenz has directed documentaries and biopics. She first became interested in Kusama while studying art in the early ‘90s and felt strongly that her contributions to the American art world had been largely overlooked.